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I am non-Indian. I benefit from clean water, clean air and healthy soils. I benefit from social agreements that support those things. I benefit from social agreements that protect the dignity and civil rights of all of the people who rely on clean water and air, the food and the human community those make possible.

Right now the Cleveland Indians are in the World Series for the first time in over 7 web-bb-indians-1011decades.  And right now, Native American people and non-Native allies are braving the cold on Lakota Sioux land, opposing the use of the land for an oil pipeline.

Today I read a post on my friend Tana Atchley’s facebook page. Tana is Modoc, Paiute and Karuk tribes. She works with the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) in support of primary science and the authority of the four Treaty Tribes of the Columbia. Tana had posted a link to an ESPN article describing the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protest near the Standing Rock Reservation – an article laying bare the clang of juxtaposition of media touting  like that of the Cleveland Indians with the threats to and arrests of real Native Americans and their allies peacefully standing together on Reservation land to demand protection of water.

The citizens of this country, all of us, need to see this. THIS IS OUR HISTORY AND IT IS OUR PRESENT. It is all of ours to set right.

Here’s what Tana quoted from Sterling HolyWhiteMountain (Blackfeet), the author of the ESPN article – “I will watch this Series because I want to tell these kids, when they’re old enough to understand, that once there was a World Series played when the most racist mascot imaginable was everywhere you looked, while at the same time Indians, real ones, were being illegally arrested in another state, peacefully protesting a pipeline that endangered millions of Americans. I will tell them that, despite all of those things being past, the history that made them lives on — and they will fight that history for the rest of their lives.”

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