As a social and cultural psychologist, Dr. Clare’s work spans domestic and global settings where she facilitates organizational effectiveness and impact by beginning at the beginning – helping leaders frame and engage emerging opportunities for transformational growth.

In her service to NGO’s, higher education, government agencies, health care organizations and schools for the preparation of public leaders, Dr. Clare’s emphasis arises from her confidence in the innovations possible with clear vision, courageous communication and true collaboration. Over time she has come to conceptualize these capacities as attributes of development into Elderhood ™.

Her confidence is based in certainty that comes from years of observing and supporting inspirational leaders of the highest character.

Dr. Clare facilitates growth initiatives through customized instrumentation, training and ongoing consultation that afford immediate practical access to untapped creativity and wisdom. She serves as an inspirational speaker and a coach – a catalyst for moving the hidden brilliance of individuals and groups into bold and vital action.


In keeping with her experience and inquiry, Mary Clare’s work is anchored in six core landmarks of successful leadership.

  • The intersection of integrity and inspiration.
    Where creativity may be sparked for “leaving this world a better place.”
  • Charts of where you are and where you are going.
    Instrumentation for mapping the terrain of high character leadership.
  • The balance of sustainability with change.
    Reliability, honesty and courage for moving forward in triumph and failure.
  • Tools of true service.
    Strategies to activate spirit, compassion and humility for success.
  • Listening through the noise.
    Enlivening respect and collaboration across differences in culture and worldview.
  • A lifetime of learning.
    Leading from wisdom and genuine care.
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