Services and Skills

Mary Clare offers enhanced communication and customized evaluation to enrich vibrant and innovative organizational cultures.  The services and skills she brings to consultation arise from her commitment to accuracy, relevance and integrity. Taking into account the diversity of perspectives represented in any work environment, Mary Clare joins with individual and organizational clients to articulate and achieve immediate and long-range objectives toward clarity and innovation. She works directly with clients to develop evaluation instruments that provide the maps they need for identifying next steps in leadership development and customer service. With the guidance of these data, she offers training and consultation pursuant to intelligent strategies and innovative goals.



~arising from~


  • Listening
  • Conflict resolution
  • Strategic collaboration
  • Enhanced efficiency and satisfaction
  • Collective Intelligence

Accurate Data

  • Organizational function
    • obstructions
    • strengths
    • opportunities
  • Context
    • Stakeholders
      • Internal
      • External
    • Services
      • Significance
      • Satisfaction
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