Listening as Leadership

In our polarized society, we need a starting place for rediscovering each other. I believe that we all share the essential things: love of family, courage in adversity, sustaining faith, hope for the future. Living stories [are] told from the inside out.  Windows into the hearts and minds of people.  David Hughes Duke I just got off the phone with a man in Georgia.  He contacted me because we both have this… Read More

Launching Clare Consultation: Right into the Big Middle of Change

  Maybe it’s being 14 years into a brand new millennium.  Maybe it’s living on this side of 2012, the year so long identified by the Mayan People for its pivot point – for signifying radical shifts in human awareness, in behavior and community.  Maybe it’s what I’ve heard a few very wise ones refer to as the quickening. Whatever the case, here we are.  Like it or not, aware or not,… Read More