Wake Up Call

2-4-2009 Walnut Creek, CA I’m standing at Mike’s Autobody in Walnut Creek, CA. This wasn’t in the plan. Yesterday there was a road that, as roads go, qualifies certainly as beautiful. Highway 97 drops out of Klamath Falls, Oregon and onto the long northern shoulders of Mt. Shasta and the state of California. The blue sky was seamless and the mountain, thus unburdened, revealed every inch of its majesty and power. Shasta is… Read More

Groundhog’s Day

2-2-2009 Ashland, OR SLIGHTLY BEFORE MIDNIGHT Tonight the stars in Ashland, Oregon swan dive earthward through blue-black air.  Orion looks hotter than ever, his warrior vibe spangling the night. The Big Dipper, Cassiopeia and all the others whose names I’ve known and forgotten too many times, glisten beyond the capacity of any descriptor. I stepped out of my car a few hours ago and looked up. The magnificence overhead, a small finale on… Read More

Ex:change – Change has come to America

1-21-2009 Portland, OR One thing is for certain. We love the word. Change. It so captured our individual and collective attention that record numbers stacked up at polling booths around the country. No matter whose name we selected on our respective ballots. Change, by whatever connotation, got our vote. Then, the evening it was all decided, the word became a sentence. Change has come to America.