Yellowstone National Park

Executive consultation to enhance communications and evaluation processes in support of Park operations.

Sierra Club Outdoors

Development of a comprehensive ethnographic monitoring and evaluation strategy as part of program development for the Sierra Club’s  initiative supporting Veterans in Outdoor and Wilderness Careers.

Full Ecology

Partner in offering nature-based workshops, retreats, keynotes and continuing professional development designed to help individuals, families and communities traverse life’s changes with integrity and vision.

Elderhood ™

Speaking, writing and coaching on Eldering: Zest and wisdom to reinvent oneself across the years that follow 50.

Oregon Health Sciences University/State of Washington

Program consultation and materials review and revision for secondary prevention of risky substance use.

University of Puget Sound – Environmental Policy and Decision Making

Privilege and environmental policy.  Consultation and teaching on the ecology of listening to and living well with difference.


Strategic planning, program development and evaluation consultation for a national event commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery.

Water Indigenous Network

Consultation in support of program articulation, operationalization and establishment for this new NGO focused on linking the globe’s indigenous river people in their efforts to clean the waters (e.g., of the Yukon, Amazon, White Nile, Mekong, Lena) and restore the fish for their communities.


Consultation with mental health professionals to articulate and implement Ethical Principles for India’s Mental Health Service Delivery.

Southern Connecticut State University

Training on multicultural competence for health care service providers in medicine, social service and education.

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