Testing Limits

UPDATE: 6/7/17 Accounts from people present on Sunday must come into play. Late in this blog, I suggest that the “protesters should not be dismissed as childish.” The photo above also implies these officials as proxy for the balance I describe. The new information indicates that undue force was used by the police – physical force, tear gas, rubber bullets. It indicates that once again, people of color among the counter-protesters were… Read More

Dear 2015

Dear New Year – Thanks for showing up. Thanks for being so matter-of-fact about it.  For doing nothing at all out of the ordinary, but still, being inspiring.  No matter how tired and pessimistic – no matter how overwhelmed we are by circumstances close in or strewn across this planet of ours, so out-of-control and horrific.  No matter any of that and because of all of it you give most of us… Read More